Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I was reorganizing my desk yesterday and came across the DCWV's Green Stack (70% recycled paper) that I'd bought awhile back.  Of course, I got distracted from my mission to organize and made this card instead.  :)  I love the patterns they have in this stack...too cute. 

It's the simplest card.  I added the title, Fiskars Cloud Squeeze Punches that I'd outlined with some Glass Effects and cut out pieces from an identical stack sheet to layer with adhesive foam for extra dimension. 

Another green inspired project that I made earlier this month was for the Glue Arts Blog.  We focused on creating recycled/re-used/re-purposed projects.  I re-purposed an old hard cover craft book by turning it into a simple fabric covered tray with wooden ball feet. 

Fabric Covered Book Tray:

I covered it the same way that as I used to cover text books when I was a kid so the book can still be opened if you choose. 

Although today is celebrated as Earth Day, we've been trying as a family to make improvements over the past couple of years on how we impact the environment on a daily basis not just on this one day of the year.  We've cut back on waste - reducing garbage and more efficiently using what we already have and buying less overall.  For example, we pay more attention to using up what we purchase at the grocery store - much less waste of food - and we use what we buy more carefully, especially soaps and detergents.  We cut out our use of papergoods especially - paper plates, cups, etc.  We cut back on household energy use - electricity, heating/cooling.  We pack our lunches with re-usable containers.  And we're more careful with recycling too.  Not perfect by a longshot but Earth Day is a good reminder to keep striving to make improvements and we'll continue to include more changes in the coming year.

Happy Friday & Happy Earth Day, too!  :)


Nati Tristan said...

I love that paper line and your book tray is very unique! I like that idea

Nati Tristan said...

Hey You! It's me again.. please check out my blog I think you deserve and award :o) Happy Easter!