Friday, September 15, 2017

It's Make a Hat Day!

Turns out September 15th is "Make A Hat Day".....and since I was able to finish up this cozy crocheted "Braids & Cables Beanie" - beautifully designed by Amanda of MNE Crafts - I thought I'd share it.  You can find her FREE original designs for both the beanie and a cowl pattern on her website: Braids & Cables Beanie/Cowl Set 

"Braids & Cables Beanie" - my version
I used a similar weight yarn in cream and a J hook as suggested.  I followed the pattern as written other than a couple of changes: I finished off the brim a little differently (I didn't want it to fold) and added a faux fur yarn pom-pom at the end.  It fits really well - snug enough not to slide off but not at all tight.

Amanda's pattern is very clear and well written.  It did take me several tries to get the braid part of it correct HOWEVER that had more do with my skill level.  My advice if you try the pattern....look at your stitches closely, stick with it and keep trying.  When I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, it was an a-ha!  I'd say that I crochet at around an beginner intermediate level so the hat was challenging but once I caught on, it went quickly. I'll be making several more...and that cowl too!

On another note: I haven't posted on my blog for literally YEARS.... I had to set aside some creative pursuits and focus on others things for awhile. Life.  So...... what inspired me to post today (other than it being "Make A Hat Day")???  Earlier this year, I relocated my craft studio to another room, got more organized and felt inspired to start creating again.  I thought I'd eventually start sharing projects (yarn, fabric, paper and more) on occasion just for fun. As I was finishing up the beanie, I noticed some FB posts about Hat Day and thought...why not start now.  :)  
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